Susan Belmont, Child Care Services Director

Years served with ACCORD: 11

Current position and brief description of daily job duties: I am the Director of Child Care Services. My job duties include advocating for issues related to early care and education (specifically family child care), contract/budget management, staff supervision, coordination of program service delivery, meeting attendance, attending and providing training, as well as being a child passenger safety technician.

Previous positions held at ACCORD: I started at ACCORD in a PT/temporary position as a Nutrition Education Specialist with the WIC program. After WIC I took a FT position as the Parent's First Coordinator in Cattaraugus County. I have also worked as a TASA Case Manager and a Child Care Services Program Director prior to my current position.

Spouse/Children Information: I have two awesome children! Nichole is a high school senior and will be off to college in the fall to pursue music therapy. She has been an active member of ACCORD's Teen Action Board (TAB). Jack is in Kindergarten. He loves his teacher, enjoys his friends and enjoys playing with superheroes. Both kids have a great sense of humor and keep me on my toes!

Hobbies/Interests: Spending time with my family and friends is my favorite thing to do. I also enjoy cooking and baking, which forces me to have an interest in exercise!

Additional information: I am currently pursuing a Master's of Science Degree in Nonprofit Management and Leadership from Walden University.

"Susan's leadership is key to the development of quality and affordable child care in our community; she works diligently to promote the community action mission and principles by advocating for the well-being of children, offering training opportunities for the child care network, and voicing child care issues in local and state collaborations."- Marlene Babchak (Susan's Supervisor)

"Susan leads by example with a can-do attitude and a strengths based approach to supervision. She is results oriented and supports staff in achieving successful outcomes. She willingly offers assistance when needed, is encouraging and instills in staff the confidence to strive for excellence. Susan is an active listener, is totally non-judgemental and always open-minded with regard to problem-solving. We know we can take any issue to her and she will either celebrate our success or help us fix a problem, as the case may be. Most importantly, Susan is a positive, good-natured person who brings a sense of humor to our workplace. I am grateful to work in this division with such an exemplarly supervisor as Susan."- Jan Robbins (Susan's Co-worker)

"Susan has set aside the "intimindation" factor. She is an anchor of guidance and support not only on the professional level but also on a personal level. Susan plays an important part in my life as my supervisor and my friend. She stresses the importance of individual growth and support of one another as part of our job responsibilities. It is so apparent how important each of us is to Susan as her co-workers and friends. Her professionalism has played a huge part in continuing my career with ACCORD."- Christine Cole (Susan's Co-worker)

"Not only is Susan a great supervisor but she is a terrific role model as well. I have had the pleasure of working with Susan for many years. I have taken every opportunity to learn from her and in doing so she has helped me grow not only in my professional career but as a person as well. It is comforting to me, to know that Susan always believes in me and always pushes me to succeed. Susan is always there when you need support or guidance and her sense of humor can make any day better."- Allison Mosher (Susan's Co-worker)

"If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more, and become more, you are a leader."-John Quincy Adams
Susan is a terrific leader and director. She makes me feel valued as an individual and as an employee. She is compassionate and understanding. Susan truly exemplifies this quote and what a true leader is."- Melanie Miller (Susan's Co-worker)

"Susan is a great director because she is knowledgeable and willing to find an answer when need be. She is dependable and down-to-earth, which makes her easy to approach whether talking about work or personal situations. She's a valuable part of our division because she knows what it means to be a team player."- Liana Joslyn (Susan's Co-worker)