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Our Administrative Team is committed to providing quality centralized services, specialized support and innovative solutions to our leadership teams and program staff, as well as our partners and vendors.

We have a multitude of program areas that serve the interests of Allegany, Cattaraugus and Wyoming County residents. We help procure goods and services, deliver information technology and mail, recruit and train personnel, promote equal access to our workforce, lease and manage office space, process payroll, ensure effective and efficient governance practices, and perform a variety of other services.

To provide these services, our Administrative Team is organized into the departments of Executive Operations, Finance, and Human Resources.


Executive Director

Lesley Gooch-Christman

585-268-7605, ext. 1051


Human Resources Director

Trina LaFluer

585-268-7605, ext. 1126

Headshot 2.jpg

Assistant Director of Agency Operations
Ashley Elias

585-268-7605, ext. 1240

Executive Operations Manager
Jenevera Embser
585-268-7605, ext. 1033


Payroll & Benefits Specialist
Dawn Scott
585-268-7605, ext. 1015


Assistant Finance Director
Marsha Holly
585-268-7605, ext. 1330

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