Re-Election of Mr. Joseph Damiano as
ACCORD Board of Director

ACCORD operates best by assuring that low-income community members have a decision-making voice as we develop and operate programs that serve our low-income community members.  One of the many ways we assure this is happening is by reserving 1/3 of the membership on our Board of Directors for low-income community members.  

Mr. Joseph Damiano has been nominated by low-income and special needs residents of Allegany County to serve and represent them on the ACCORD Board of Directors since May 2017.  Mr. Damiano's 3-year-term will be complete on March 31, 2021 and is currently seeking support from low-income individuals for re-election to continue representing low-income individuals on the ACCORD Board of Directors.  

Eligibility to Cast a Nominating Ballot in Support of Re-election of Mr. Damiano includes the following:

  • 18 years of age or older

  • Resident of Allegany County, NY

  • Low-income community members as defined by

       Federal Poverty Guidelines which is as follows:

       # of Persons in Household             Annual Income

       1                                                        $25,520

       2                                                        $34,480

       3                                                        $43,440

       4                                                        $52,400

       5                                                        $61,630

       6                                                        $70,320

       7                                                        $79,280

       8                                                        $88,240

Re-Nominate Joseph Damiano.png

Request a Nominating Ballot in Support of Mr. Damiano:

Individuals eligible and interested in casting a Nominating Ballot in support and re-election of Mr. Joseph Damiano on the ACCORD Board of Directors are asked to email Melissa Biddle, Executive Operations Manager / Clerk of the Board at to request an electronic ballot to be emailed to you for completion.  Please note, submission of nominating ballots are due by noon on Monday, March 15, 2021.