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ACCORD Confirms Core Values of Community Action

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COVID-19 has impacted each of us as individuals and as community members in such a way that it is unlikely any of us will ever be the same. While we mourn for those who have died and rejoice for support of those who are recovering, we are also experiencing an economic crisis that is deeply hurting those we serve.  We are fearful of a deepening crisis and uncertain what the months ahead will hold, in terms of both our health and our economy.  These conditions have also made clear that the harm we are suffering as a nation is not equal for all. People of color are disproportionately suffering physical, social and economic harm.  We have observed violent and terrifying scenes these past few weeks as demonstrators joined by the thousands across the county to protest police brutality and racism following the murder of George Floyd.

As a Community Action Agency, we are part of a nationwide network that began almost 56 years ago as part of the civil rights movement. We have gained strength and important resources from our membership in this network always, but never more than now.  ACCORD joins with the Community Action Agencies across the United States to stand against racism. We will continue to embody the spirit of hope of Community Action and uphold ACCORD’s core values which include Compassion, Dignity and Diversity.


We care for all people as unique human beings worthy of compassion, dignity and respect. We value diversity in families, our agency and our community.  We must live those values. We pledge to act as individuals and as servants of this community to do more to fight racism here in our community and wherever else we can.  We begin with a pledge to learn more about racism, to face the discomfort and difficulty of accepting we are part of the problem and must be part of the change. As we begin our journey to actively create a community and a country that truly provides justice and opportunity for all, we will share the resources and information we gather and seek feedback from those we serve.   We invite you to join us and those like us who believe Black Lives Matter.

Resources on Racial Equality:

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