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Start your search for child care! There are a number of different ways families can connect with our team to get the information you need.

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They will happily answer all your questions and walk you through finding high quality child care and give you a FREE referral list of regulated child care options near your home or work, customized for you and your family.  

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Families searching for care in in Allegany, Cattaraugus and Wyoming counties can also take advantage of our FREE referral service by completing the online referral request form. Use the form to tell us about your family’s child care needs, including the specific zip code(s) of where you’re looking for care, and within 24-48 hours an expert on the Parent Services team will use our extensive database to get you a list of regulated child care options specific to your referral request.

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If you are looking for a list of child care referrals outside of normal business hours, use the search tool below to access our database of regulated child care providers to create a referral list on your own. Remember; the experts on our Parent Services team are here to help you find the care you need! If you’re unable to find child care options that meet your needs through this search, please give us a call at (800) 498-2277 or email for further assistance. 

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Please feel free to call us for a one on one personal meeting to get a child care referral and discuss your personal needs and we will offer options for your family. 

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Help paying for child care

If you have already started your search, you know that quality child care can be expensive. Fortunately there are a variety of resources available to help with the cost with of child care. Child care assistance can come in many different forms. Some programs, like child care subsidies, pay for a portion of your child care each month, other options may help you save money or provide discounts on your monthly or weekly fees. If you don’t qualify for child care subsidy, there are other programs, credits, or discounts available that may be able to assist you with paying for child care. This short video from the Office of Children & Family Services explains some of these assistance options, or call (800) 498-2277 to speak with our experts!

                                         This income eligibility chart is a helpful tool in determining if you may qualify.

2020 200 poverty.PNG

Child Care Subsidy For Allegany, Cattaraugus and Wyoming County

Click the county of choice, Feel free to download and print.

Legally Exempt Forms

A Legally Exempt provider is an unlicensed, informal child care provider who cares for up to 2 children and receives payment from the Department of Social Services. LE provider forms are on the available here. Choose (LDSS 4699 for LE provider application and LDSS 4699a for instructions). If you are a Group LE provider (example: summer camp) your organization will need to complete LDSS 4700 and the instructional guide is LDSS 4700a. Both parent/guardian and provider need to complete an application for approval. The parent application is available at your local Department of Social Services. For payment information, please contact the Department of Social Services. Contact information is listed above - click on the county in which you reside.

Need help completing your Legally exempt Provider Application? Click on the link below for helpful guidelines.

For Providers


Become a provider

High quality child care options are needed in Allegany, Cattaraugus and Wyoming Counties. Help us build a strong community of high quality child care by opening your own home child care business!

As a general rule in NY, any child day care program planning to serve three or more children for more than three hours a day on a regular basis must obtain a license or registration. Child Care Services is here to help guide you through the process of becoming licensed or registered! We have put together the information below to give you a general overview and how to get started Click here to learn more. Give us a call at (800) 498-2277, we are happy to help and our support services are always free of charge.

Training Calendar

Virtual Training in GREEN

In Person Training in BLUE

Unless otherwise noted, please register with Amy Lehman, or (585) 268-7605 Ext. 1252

Regulations and Inspections


In general, a child care license or registration is a legal document that means New York State has granted you permission to operate a child care business as long as some minimum criteria or regulations are met.  These regulations are in place so the children in your care will be in environments that meet minimum health & safety requirements.  Child Care Solutions encourages you as a licensed/registered child care provider to have a solid understanding of NYS Regulations so you can operate a safe & healthy program as well as be an effective advocate for yourself and your child care program.


In order to ensure compliance with NYS regulations child care programs are inspected.  Understanding what to expect during an inspection will help you be prepared and increase the health & safety of your program.  Types of inspections you might have are:

Initial Pre-Opening Inspection:
Occurs following submission of a new application, including when a program moves to a new space, or changes modality. This type of inspection is scheduled or announced.

Fire/Safety Inspection:
Occurs before program opens, prior to renewal or anytime during the licensing or registration period. These inspections are required for all child care providers with: a pool or water hazard, providers doing care on the second floor or in a basement or for any other fire or safety hazard. This type of inspection is generally scheduled or announced.

Monitoring Inspection:
Can occur anytime and is required following any serious violation or a series of 5 or more violations. It is also required following a self-report, injury, accident, serious contagious illness, death of a child or medication error. These inspections are also required as part of a Safety Assessment related to a criminal history review.

A Monitoring Inspection may be required to verify that corrective action has been taken to resolve a compliance issue. It is required if a program or provider fails to submit a written corrective action plan or has not completed training requirements prior to renewal. Monitoring inspections may be scheduled or unannounced.

Complaint Inspection:
Occurs following receipt of a complaint and is conducted within 5 business days of receipt of a complaint regarding serious allegations or conducted within 10 to 15 calendar days of receipt of a non-emergency allegation. This type of inspection is generally unannounced

50% or Renewal Inspection:
Occurs at least once during each licensing or registration period. This type of inspection is usually scheduled or announced.


Child and Adult Care Food Program

The Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP) is a nutrition education and meal reimbursement program. The program helps providers serve nutritious and safely prepared meals and snacks in day care settings.

Click here to be taken directly to the CACFP website.


The goal of CACFP is improved nutritional quality of meals served to children in child care settings.  Providers may claim reimbursement for 2 meals and 1 snack per day OR 2 snacks and 1 meal per day.  Providers who participate in CACFP have the following available:


  • Technical Assistance:  Sponsor will help provider build a  CACFP-approved menu.

  • Money is reimbursed for creditable meals served.

  • Free attendance to CACFP-approved nutrition trainings.


For eligibility to join CACFP, call (585) 268-7605 extension 1224 or email


Family, group family, and legally exempt providers must sign up with ACCORD's Child Care Services, one of the state-approved sponsors for Allegany, Cattaraugus and Wyoming County.  


Centers may also participate through a sponsor that meets the same requirements.  Contact your state agency for details on program participation.


How can the program help the child care provider?


The program will:

  • Help pay for the meals you serve to children in your care.

  • Teach you how to plan and serve meals that meet child care standards for nutrition.

  • Provide you with free training that will help you do a good job and run your home-based business or child care center as a professional.

How can the program help the parents?

Parents who leave children in your care want to feel confident that their child receives the best care, the care of a professional. Parents are not charged an extra fee for the meals served. 

Staff Directory

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Liana Joslyn- Senior Program Manager

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Amy Lehman- Training/ TA Specialist

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Josie Virkus- Infant Toddler Specialist

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Courtney Freeborn – Registration Coordinator

(585) 268-7605 ext. 1227

Kristina Metlak – CACFP Counselor

(585) 268-7605 ext. 1224

Brittany Fowler- Legally Exempt Counselor

(585) 268-7605 ext. 1250

Brenda Norton- Referral Counselor

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