Preparing for Kindergarten

What is Head Start and Early Head Start?

Head Start is a child care program with an emphasis on Kindergarten readiness, designed to enhance each child's cognitive, social, and emotional development. Early Head Start is a child care program which provides intensive comprehensive child development tailored to infants and toddlers.  Both programs provide family support services as well, and are completely free. 

What's the difference between center-based programs & home-based programs? 

Center-based Head Start and Early Head Start programs take place at one of our locations, and home-based programs take place in our participant's home.  Both programs are no cost, and emphasize the importance of the parent as the child's first and foremost teacher.  Our center-based programs have an open door policy, and volunteers are always welcome.  In the home-based program, a Home Based Visitor will come to your home once a week for 90 minutes to work with your child.  These visits are always scheduled at a a time most convenient for your child and family. 

What Age children are Eligible for these Programs? 

Early Head Start accepts children 6 weeks to three years old, while Head Start accepts children 3 years old to 5 years old. 

Where are Center-Based Programs Located?

We have centers located in Belfast, Cuba, Friendship and Wellsville, New York 

How Do I Apply?

To schedule an appointment to apply, please call our Enrollment Specialist, Katie Carr at 585-268-7605 ext. 1525 or via email at kcarr@accordcorp.org.  You can also complete the application online by clicking the button below:

How Can Head Start & Early Head Start Help?

Recent research confirms that 90-95% of all brain growth happens in the first 5 years. At birth, your child has billions of neural cells, but very few working connections. Through repeated emotionally safe experiences, your child will build a foundation for the brain’s organizational development and functioning that will support their brain development throughout their lifetime. 

Head Start can help! Our program meets your child’s needs through empathy, guidance and love which creates trusting secure relationships that support cognitive, emotional and social development.

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